Kathy Petrino suggests multiple ways to see Kauai

When traveling to the Hawaiian island of Kauai, nicknamed “the Garden Isle,” traveler and writer Kathy Petrino suggests several different means for exploring this tropical rainforest and land in the Central Pacific Ocean. Extending only an area of 552 square miles in its entirety, Kauai has vast terrain to learn, including segments of territory used in the famed Jurassic Park. Hiking, biking and climbing are options to take in this natural island by land and by foot — a popular option by the majority of tourists who visit. However, as Petrino mentions, the sea provides another beautiful perspective for this majestic and aquatic location. Sea turtles, caves, blue waters, dolphins, navigable rivers and more can be discovered via the water. And then the air provides an entirely different perspective, seeing the island from the beautiful sky and above its stunning waterfalls, cliffed shores and more.